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Arhitekt Primož Jeza I Arhitektura I Interier I Industrijsko oblikovanje I Teslova ulica 5 1000 Ljubljana Slovenija
Primož Jeza

PRIMOZJEZASTUDIO was founded in 1994 and has since created many architectural and interior designs, most of which have been successfully realized. 

Fonder Primož Jeza is an architect and an assistant professor at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana.

During his architectural studies he also engaged in graphic design and scenography — he designed the sets for more than 40 promotional and short films.

Primož Jeza frequently lectures in Slovenia and abroad. In 2013 he presented Slovene Alpine Architecture with colleague Maja Ivanič at Aspen Summer School of University Colorado Denver, Department of Architecture.

Primož’s work has been featured in a number of solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad (Ljubljana, Moscow, Belgrade, Lisbon, Hamburg, Cologne, Birmingham, Milan, Paris, London, etc.). In 2008, he published a book entitled Interiors by Primož Jeza/9 + 1 (Interieri Primož Jeza/9 + 1) that showcases ten of his most notable interior design projects for public spaces.

His talent has been recognized on several occasions: in 1998, he received the Plečnik Student Recognition award for his exceptional work both in and outside his studies; in 2008, he received formal recognition from the rector of the University of Ljubljana for his artistic achievements in architecture. His most recent award is Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016 for Nico Less chair.

As an elementary and high school student he engaged in music. He founded and played in several music groups and recorded 3 music albums.