Location: Ljubljana, Slovenija
Author: Primož Jeza
Investor: Private

A space for fashion victims. The investor is a brand of “transition” tradition, owning several stores of man’s and women’s fashion clothing. They require an interior that can be easily redesigned – recycled. They constantly seek new brands, adapt to the market, introduce new clothing lines. Project fashion. I design a retail studio with selling surfaces enough anemic to be easily transformed and completed with a few accents. A kind of spatial chameleon for trading experiments.
The first main role of the interior was the children’s store, Avantgarde Junior, selling clothing by Calvin Klein. Although the project task was clear, the basic question could not be avoided. What does a fashion brand mean to children? What is “shopping” for children? Who goes shopping? …

The result. A space intended for parents and not too disturbing for children. Some spatial-technological tricks. I chose the color of unripe fruit. Soothing.

We enter the interior through the display window. The first, main room is surrounded by display surfaces. The space for the shopkeeper is located in the left corner of the first room. It is enclosed with the counter – a console around which all his tools for working are mounted. In the center of the store, I mount a rotating platform that can stop in the required position if necessary (e.g. oriented towards the plasma screen where cartoons are screened), holding a deckchair and a gaming console (game-boy). The second, latter room is intended for two changing rooms and handy storage.
The second main role (concept 2) for the interior is the store Avantgarde N9 selling the shoe brand Miu Miu and fashion accessories.
Associations on the raw, untreated tanned hive. Of color beige…
The structure of the shop (function 2) remains the same. I remove the rotating platform with the deckchair and replace it with a single-move multifunctional object held by consoles (as a chair for trying on shoes, the base for shoe mirror, display window for accessories, and handy storage in its insides). Certain selling surfaces are covered by glass. I don’t participate in concept 3 and all the subsequent transformations.

Situation, original state of the space in question:
The interior is located in the old part of Ljubljana on the trade street in the vicinity of the city hall. Before acquiring the trade role, space was used as a craft workshop. The entrance vault – façade (the current display window) used to have a stone and previously a wooden filling. Due to various periods and reconstructions, the walls of the space are of mixed composition. Located near to the castle hill (moisture, erosion of the slope) and in the extreme shade, the object had very poor construction parts.

Epoxy, plaster panels, medium-density fiberboard, stainless and colored steel, polycarbonate, natural and artificial leather.

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