Location: Ljubljana, Slovenija
Author: Primož Jeza
Investor: Private

I know I will break all the rules. I will be working for a friend and with a completely undefined budget.
The investor is a discophile (a former goth today listening to a deep house) as well as a top hair-stylist, a multilayered art lover and performer, a great gourmet, and an excellent subtle critic of many things. One of those who despise everything “grey” i.e. all types of anemia. A thing can be either white or black. He is not politically correct.

The studio has a circular functional design and is equipped or tuned with stereo entrances. The first one is used to enter the space from the street and the other is internal in the frame of the hotel. A linear connecting sofa is placed between them. An administrative counter, equipped with an integrated display and keyboard, is located at the transition to the working area. Behind it, there is a technical frame intended for the archive, cashier, and the computer base. It is veiled by sliding wings. A longitudinal hanging cuboid is dedicated to hairstyling, mounted along the total length of the studio, and covered in mirrors. Its interior keeps all the necessary hair-styling attributes. The template is followed by three working chairs. The center of the space is cut by a multipurpose service block, the side of which runs out in the so-called chemical island, where hair colors are prepared. The other half of the interior is taken up by washbasins for hair care and the related working surfaces as well as a working position for a manicure.

Situation, original state of the space in question:
The interior of the studio is part of the Hotel Lev ground floor, which used to have the role of a cosmetic studio. Space was designed – divided into small cabins. As the hotel has recently been renovated, all the carpentry and joinery as well as other interior infrastructure are new.

Epoxy, mirrors, colored steel, wood, textile.

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