Location: Ljubljana, Slovenija
Author: Primož Jeza
Co-operator: Jure Hrovat
Investor: Private

A store with designer items. For all pockets. All right, design predominantly for mental use, mainly for fun. Actually often just the packaging. A kind of a sundries store. The contractor – trader was in this case a foreigner who was renting the space, not interested in having major costs with something that was not his property. All the mounted installations and things were to stay in their places. He wanted no painting, let alone new mounted lightning or replacement of floorings. No extra costs, no damage.

Summary – result of project task:
The store should almost have the characteristics of a traveling trader retail space. If the business here is bad, he moves on. Associations keep coming on film sequences, travels, the ringing of the home doorbell, on the hawker whose store was a suitcase overfilled with everything. Associations on the inside of a coat, the lining of which is heavy with watches, and of the black marketeer constantly on the look. On canvasses full of designer imitations, kept by occasional black traders, that instantly turn into running bundles when the police appear in parks and tourist centers… Apart from mobility, the key similarity of them all is their trade platform. A simple foundation, adaptable to the environment, and exposing the trade item visually. To interpret the interior that serves as a simple foundation for items is quickly demountable, cheap, and leaves no traces.

The interior has a unified volume surrounded by selling surfaces made of recycled wood fiber. The floor or floorings as well. Left from the entrance is the service section that behind the working console turns into a cabinet. The foremost, larger part on the right side of the interior features lit folding drawers to hold the items on sale. If an item is sold out completely, the drawer can be folded until replaced with a new one. Behind the drawers the similarly lit selling surfaces continue, running out at the backside wall – perforated, naturally ventilated, and heated in winter. The central part of the room is equipped with metal selling surfaces that can be arranged into chosen compositions thanks to their flexible design.

Situation, original state of the space in question:
The interior is located in the old part of Ljubljana at the very end of the major trade street. The shop features wooden carpentry and joinery typical of this location. Besides the main space divided into depth, there is small storage at the side. Before the Inkognito shop, space was also used for trade activity. The building is constructed in stone and brick.

Natural flooring, plates of recycled wood fiber – medium-density fiberboard, colored steel, textile.

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