Location: Ljubljana, Slovenija
Author: Primož Jeza
Co-operators: Maša Pahor, Primož Roškar
Investor: Institute for Health Protection of the Republic of Slovenia

The investor wishes to unify the appearance and function of institute communications. Due to a large number of activities, the introduction of new information technologies, and the related range of departments (e.g. departments: communicable diseases, vaccines, medical ecology, narcotic drugs, medical information system…) IZVZ has gradually transformed into a visually and functionally extremely variable corpus. The project comprises various regimes of department entries, internal visual communication, and order or range of activities. The design of rooms should be unified and functionally flexible (possible exchange of departments, easy access to information technology). A large number of activities have demanded the design concept of a multiple where employees as well as foreign researchers and everyday visitors/users of the institute can work, meet and orientate within the space without any problems. The project is a visual combination of road engineering, Dr. No laboratory, marketing information, and virus graphic structures.

At the public entrance, on the right from the connecting hall, there is a doorman’s office with the receptionist having the role of the main provider of communication orientation in the institute. From there, visitors are oriented according to the agreed procedure into required floors or departments where the semicircular staircase and the integrated elevator lead. All floor halls feature frontally installed (if coming from the stairs or the elevator) glass information portals, orienting visitors into required departments. The employees have a certain frame of movement – passing within the institute (closed departments – data protection), which is required because of the specific work areas. The ceilings of connecting halls feature an “information motorway” enabling a flexible allocation of spaces with regard to the current needs of the institute.

Situation, original state of the space in question:
The premises of IZVZ RS are located in the center of the central square in Ljubljana (Prešernov trg), neighboring two icons of Secession (Centromerkur and Hauptmann House or the Little Skyscraper) and the Three Bridges. The exterior of the building has been renovated recently so that carpentry and joinery are partly renovated/preserved, whereas the majority was replaced in various periods of the previous century. The interior and the complete technological infrastructure of the building was added/created without a plan. There was no polychromatic study made for the institute.
The mansard that was completed a decade ago was not part of the project, of functional design and renovation of IZVZ communication.

Parquet, terrazzo, medium-density fiberboard, stained glass, colored steel, textile.

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