Author: Primož Jeza
Co-operator: Dušan Sekulić
Produces: Livar d.d.

A candlelight is not merely a source of light, it is also a symbol of the human relation to the world. After Prometheus has given the fire to humans, every man is a master, lighting a flame. Take the mastery into Your hands, start symbolic interchanging of elements by choosing sides of M∞n Light. Ancient tradition and contemporary design with sensual quality are poured into it to match Your never-ending imagination. Catch a fugaciously fragile flame into a solid and durable holder to produce the timeless experience. Enjoy versatile eternity of life.

Combining several pieces of M∞n Light draws a dynamic horizon of lights to suit the dynamic situations of people’s gathering or to bring light to every corner of human dwellings. A M∞n Light is always the M∞n Light with a distinctive form and original core material but can vary in candle placing possibilities. Two of M∞n Lights together can still stand by themselves, one on top of another, or dozen of them can be united in the harmony of different heights, platform measures, and finishes. The M∞n Light family will advance for You and with You.

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