Location: Podmoskovje, Russia
Author: Primož Jeza
Co-operator: Rok Triller, Mana Leban, Diana Savković
Consultant for the ergonomic needs of the elderly: Rok Grdiša

The hotel and guarded apartments for the elderly are located near Moscow (Russia). The building has a two-partite plan, where 3/4 of it is intended for the guarded apartments and 1/4 for the hotel for the elderly. Since it is a custom in Russia that wealthy families live together with their grandparents, this becomes a problem during vacations, when the younger members of the family go traveling. The hotel offers the elderly accommodation, caretaking, and the company of their peers.

The building has a service area in the semi-basement, the high-ceilinged ground floor is reserved for services and reception. By its program, the building is divided vertically. One wing, which is about 1/4, is intended for the hotel, the rest for the guarded apartments. The building has green spaces on the secured roof, which are also suitable for residents with dementia. The hotel’s wing of the roof has a pool and a prayer room.

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