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Arhitekt Primož Jeza I Arhitektura I Interier I Industrijsko oblikovanje I Teslova ulica 5 1000 Ljubljana Slovenija
Primož Jeza





Location :Planina, Slovenia

Author : Primož Jeza

Co-operator: Diana Savković, Tjaša Jesenko, Dušan Sekulić, Klemen Kropar, Luka Lango


A forward-looking vision blended into nature


We have placed different ambient and functional scenarios in a rural setting, linking the activities of the Wine Cellar Guerilla (WCG) with the surrounding area and making it attractive both for visitors and the local residents of Planina. All the proposed spatial interventions and newly designed elements are contextually designed as a bio-dynamic terrace, blending into the existing natural and rural landscape, but at the same time contemporary and with a forward-looking vision. They are designed to use natural sources of solar and earth energy to prevent or reduce the strain on the environment.

All the production and storage areas of the complex are burrowed into the ground and additionally cooled with a special form of the bars (zig-zag) of the load-bearing walls.

We placed all the desired accommodation and hospitality capacities above it, under a greened vantage shell.