Location: Ljubljana, Slovenija
Author: Primož Jeza

The transition from analog into the digital world. Encounter (or exchange) of punk and cyberpunk generations. The club program working through devices in a cybernetic loop between the TV and PC (TV>PC>TV…) and free access to the Internet enable immediate polarisation of the information “sold” – the propaganda message. The interactivity of the installed technology, the metal polychrome, and electronic music should add to the technicist spirit and cosmopolitan character of the club. The digital operation of machines is fetishized, not appearance. Cyberfetish.

The program of Klub Propaganda was that of a cyber café, a multimedia space that was designed for (profitable) execution of interactive advertising on the internal television. Its operation was based on a video base and an online network. Other types of propaganda were implemented via a light scanner, endless tape (built into the counter), posters, and sound recordings. At night the daily advertising program turned into an urban club scene with electronic music.
The exterior longitudinal sidewall of the club (along Grablovičeva street) communicated with its environment via its mounted (interactive) advertising spaces with monitors, equipped with keyboards placed on draw tables. The entrance door featured a screen informing about the activity inside the space without the need to enter. The interior entrance wall was designed as the program generator of the space. Sections that had the function of seats or the so-called operator positions, in front of which there were longitudinal storage surfaces with inbuilt keyboards, dictated the rhythm and shaped the volume of the club. The wall opposite held monitors, on which interactive advertising program was executed, as well as seats and the counter service. The latter merged with the flooring because of its color, which additionally emphasized the metal monochrome of vertical surfaces. In the transversal left-side wall, there were entrances to toilet facilities and service premises of the interior. The opposite wall, bordering the vertical communications of Orto Bar, used its rotating screen to assume the task of informing about the club program.

Situation, original state of the space in question:
Same as Orto Bar, Klub Propaganda was located in the Zmaj factory complex. The entrance to the interior was posed alongside Grablovičeva street (towards Vodmat neighbourhood). In its original state, space was divided several times and had various functions (production, warehouse…).

Epoxy, polished aluminum, stainless and colored steel, galvanized steel, artificial leather, glass.

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