Location: Ljubljana, Slovenija
Author: Primož Jeza
Investor: PRSS, Slovensko društvo za odnose z javnostmi / Slovenian Public Relations Association

What exactly is PR? I have not encountered this type of informing before the change in the political system. The experts of this tell me that such departments of social activity are relatively new in Slovenia, yet they have been achieving the fastest social growth. Why should then this new area of social creativity have the conservative image of law, business, or bureaucrat offices?

They need an image sophisticated enough to shape an autonomous language for the activity it serves. Space must be functionally clear, yet in essence somewhat enigmatic. Why is it that I so easily accept the ambiguity of the ultimate definition of public relations? Is PR in a way, the “genetically” innate image that we wish to communicate? To please, to be smart, capable, fair, the best. Is there not in there a bit of truth and a bit of a lie? If a lie is black and the truth is white, the result is grey. Thus PR is grey. Has not the most successful PR so far been the demolition of the WTC twins? A catastrophe in the form of debris and menacing parts of planes and human despair. Yet it was a kind of PR. On that occasion, the majority of human beings heard about WTC and Osama Bin Laden for the first time. Good, successful… PR?

The room is considered a multifunctional point and not only an indispensable administrative space. It is designed as a machine for continuous management of the association, for supplying information and maintaining the contact of the association with the environment, in which it dwells, creates, and to which it responds. All this is made possible by its purified core, manifested through the form of a single-move working object. In one moment it provides the administration with a quality working environment, in the next it becomes the shelter of association members’ intimate conversations and then again it transforms into space for a minor member conference, press conference, or merely for socializing and entertainment… The service facility intended for the archive and auxiliary administrative working position is designed as a walk-in closet running along the total sidewall of the office. Toilet and club facilities are common, located on the same floor.
Situation, original state of the space in question:

The interior is located in the business part of the city, more precisely in the SCT skyscraper positioned in the Slovenian communication epicenter. The buildings in its immediate surroundings include the main Slovenian daily newspaper, the major telecommunication provider, the central railway and bus station, the stock exchange, the fairground…

The office is placed in the corner featuring two glass sides. In its original state space was divided into two smaller passable units with one entrance. Mounted parapets were fixed below the panorama windows. The carpentry and joinery were in bad condition, yet authentic.

Natural flooring, artificial leather, wood, aluminum, textile.

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