Location: Ljubljana, Slovenija
Author: Primož Jeza
Investor: Rašica d.d.

Design the global interior of the local brand. A visual revival of the brand that in socialist times provided us with pleasant feelings about having a fashion brand seemingly just like the capitalist ones, only a bit better. Revival? The project for the interior shall thus materialize into a set – into a combination of the spirit and technology of the current time and visual artistic synthesis/collage, e.g. Gagarin research mission, the interior of Ona-On stores (from the 80’s) and neatly polished Zastava 101 cars.

Opposite of the entrance to the store there is a longitudinal counter, into which all attributes of electronic business are built (computer with a screen and keyboard, display, terminal, card reader…), and behind it, a handy storage and service space of the store are hidden behind sliding glass panels. Opposite of the counter a hanging pole for items on hangers is suspended from the ceiling to ensure better use of space. Alongside the total length of longitudinal walls of the interior two wardrobes are positioned, conceptualized as display surfaces for exhibits, and at the same time a cabinet for the remaining items. At the far side of the interior, there is a display window, also serving as the changing room due to a lack of space. This functions with the help of a metal console with a switch, built into the ground, which upon pressing the button closes the curtain around the potential buyer and the hanging mirror. The display window is the store as such, its role of a peep show being purely accidental.

Situation, original state of the space in question:
The interior is located in the BTC shopping center, which in the time of socialism served as public warehouses for the total area of former Yugoslavia. It was a kind of an entrance-exit trade platform. With the end of Yugoslavia, its primary function died as well and the area turned into a grey or degraded area within the city. During the transitional period the warehouses transformed into individual trade objects and throughout the years the area turned into one of the largest shopping-business complexes in this part of Europe.
The interior was located in Tangram hall that was built in reinforced concrete with glass fillings. The store is of very small dimensions, its whole width being covered by a display window. The store is entered through the common hall.

Epoxy, treated glass, medium-density fiberboard, textile, stainless steel.

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