Location: Braslovče
Author: Primož Jeza, Jaka Jagrič
Co-operator: Jure Hrovat
Type: Residential family house
Status: Not completed
Investor: Private

The housing unit is developed, at the request of the client as a modern representative living space with characteristics of a country villa or small mansion. The monumental front façade embodies the stability of the family while the back façade dynamically represents the individual spirit of each family member. The building is color-reactive to changing temperatures i.e. seasons.

We are led to the housing unit by a circular driveway, which is followed by an avenue of 2 parallel rows of trees. The spatial organization of the project allows for a clear view of the building as well as providing beautiful vistas of the surrounding areas from the inside of the building. The front or main façade with a view of the main road is designed symmetrically with an emphasis on the vertical axes of the window openings. Because of the living program and the views of the surrounding area the building was designed/developed with a distinct horizontal volume. This, along with the avenue and the axis-segmented façade exudes the client-requested monumentality. Due to the underground water, the structure does not contain a basement and is constructed using piles. Such a foundation further emphasizes the uniqueness of the ambient offered by the property, since the building is positioned right on the edge of a natural overhang. With this, we create a visual effect that nature, like water, runs underneath the building. On the other side, the hop field runs into the nearby basin in line with the horizon.
Next to the housing unit lie a multi-purpose deck and pool. The structure has a representative, centrally-positioned entrance which is emphasized by stairs and a built-in cantilever carport. The latter functions as a shelter from stormwater when one is entering the area from a car. In the hall, we are greeted by a coatroom and reception room from which there is a view of the surrounding area and a spiral staircase. On the right-hand side, there are entrances into the living area along with the dining room and kitchen. On the left-hand side of the hall lies a hallway, which is connected to an office, daytime bedroom, utility room, recreational room, and at the end which we reach the garage and machine room. The office as well as the sauna are both created with the character of social space. From the latter, it is possible to exit onto a cantilevered balcony with a tub. Car entrance into the garage is possible via a ramp.
The stairway in the hall takes us to the first-floor lobby. Both on the left and right side of the lobby we are led through hallways to the bedrooms, which also include closet spaces and bathrooms. Between the rooms are two connecting atriums.

Situation, original state of the space in question:
The investor wanted to build a high-standard housing unit in the rural area of central Savinjska Dolina. There are already 3 agricultural buildings on the property, as well as a housing unit.

Steel, temperature-sensitive metal façade panels (Trippin’ Paint™), and glass.

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