Type: Company structure
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Autor: Primož Jeza
Co-operator: Jaka Jagrič, Sebastian Skutnik
Status: Not constructed
Investor: Private

The concept is to visually connect the structure with the neighboring park and add soft green surroundings to the existing villa, an »enchanted garden« of its own.

The structure was placed into space with respect to the distance from the neighboring buildings, properties, and roads, as prescribed by law. The complex runs along the entire area and together with the outside arrangement forms a field-like city space. The new building and existing villa have a hybrid character, which means activities they facilitate interconnected activities that serve the purpose i.e. the same users. In this case, the users are the recipients of medical services and goods, as well as the specialist staff and the accompanying administrative staff. The volume of the building K+P+2+mansard is conceptualized on the basis of the space gabarit analyses and the needs of the structure N1. The functional concept of the structure can be separated into a basement floor of an internal garage, through which there is an entrance to the main vertical pathways for the staff. The basement floor also contains storage space for repro material as well as the technical supplies for the entire building (waste, installations, energy sources…). In addition to the ground-level entrance, the garage would also contain an entrance into the villa, which would serve tasks of an internal nature. The entrance into the garage would be located on Njegoševa cesta, and the exit would lead onto Ilirska ulica. The ground floor would contain areas dedicated to medical tools and pharmaceutical products, created with a transparent concept and allowing easy access for users. The immediate vicinity of the main entrance contains an elevator, which travels from floor to floor parallel to the stairwell that itself has clear spacially-informative characteristics. For the accompanying retail activities, the parterre contains a roofed secure locker for bicycles and strollers. The first floor is intended for individual practices, the second for administrative activities, and the mansard for a small educational center with accommodation.
The floors are conceptualized in such a way that the axes of the building are oriented in a way that ensures better use of sunlight, shade, outside views, sound isolation (where required), and privacy, all of which adds to the overall comfort of the users and to energy efficiency. All of the building’s entrances are separated in terms of use, to visitor entrances and staff entrances.

Situation, original state of the space in question:
The surrounding buildings are strongly differentiated and have a mostly town-like character. The immediate vicinity contains detached houses, a hospital complex, educational and administrative and government buildings, retail and hospitality complexes, a large public garage, a religious structure, and the abovementioned park. The ground plan of the buildings is largely oriented on the surrounding roads, which transform and differentiate into the different streets and larger access roads like Zaloška cesta and Masarykova cesta. The nature of the latter is mostly defined by the volume of the University Clinical Center since the remaining buildings display a mostly suburban character. The flow of the defined construction lines is largely in accordance. The gabarits of the neighboring buildings are connected in the program but are differentiated from the area by function and height due to the location of Njegoševa cesta and Ilirska ulica. The typography of the roofs is varied in terms of construction as well as the design approach, but they are for the most part built in the same spatial direction (most of the ridges are parallel to the street).

Waterproof concrete, steel construction, triplex glass, vines, …

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