Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Author: Primož Jeza
Co-operator: Diana Savković, Rok Triller

A dialog of historic eras

The building L is a multi-apartment structure, where we placed two floors above the Secession foundation and draped them in copper.

Since we do not believe in instant solutions and the established doctrines of historic conservation in our studio, we took a distinctly individual approach to the design of the street façade, based on analyses.

The artistic language that was used is a semantic narrative of the nearby roofs. The façade we built has an incline of 85 degrees and gives the impression of viewing the coppery waves of the roofs of older buildings.

The typology of the window openings is drawn on the forms and proportions of the ridges and dormers found on the surrounding buildings.

With the new floors on this apartment building, we wanted to establish an active dialogue of the historical periods, where the contemporary graphic approach fully and in contrast communicates with the archaic contents of the environment.

The concept is based on the equal value of different historical periods. Without subservience and a priori opinion. The focus is on inter-generational fusion; equality, where different periods work as a team and not a hierarchy.

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